Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I wanna be a blogger!

Hello world!

I'm a complete newbie to the blogsphere, but I desperately need a creative outlet for my obsession with weddings! I love, love, love wedding blogs and websites. I also happen to be engaged and my day-to-day job is as a writer/editor! Why wouldn't I be a blogger?

Now, a bit about my inspiration:

One phrase explains it all - Style Me Pretty (SMP) was the first wedding website I ever stumbled across (way before I was even engaged). Oh how I heart SMP!!! I'm obsessed (to say the least)! It is the first website I visit EVERY morning when I get to work (it might as well be my homepage)! With that said, SMP led the way for me to discover lots of other (equally fabulous) blogs that I now also check first thing in the morning. Here are just A FEW of my many favorites:

OMG! There's so many that I could go on for days and days. Did I mention that my coworker thinks I'm crazy? She asks, "Where do you find all this wedding stuff?" Well, she's pretty much hooked now 2! Ever since SHE visited SMP herself! She understands now, as most women do, once you step foot into wedding world, there's no turning back!

So, here I am, ready and willing to share my wedding planning woes and whispers! Ready to connect you to some of the most beautiful real weddings, most current trends, coolest giveaways, and do-it-yourself ideas! There's really no telling what might come of this blog!

But first, here's some background on me...

I'm 24 years old and as I stated, I'm a writer/editor. I live in Arlington, VA, and I'm happily engaged to the best fiance ever!!! The love of my life, Aaron, is unlike any other guy I've ever known! He's romantic, charming, unique, and sweet! He's smart, funny, and always well dressed! He works for Armani Exchange (yes, the A/X) and during the next few months we are house sitting for my grandparents who are in FL.

Here is how we met:

Before I actually met Aaron, I met his sister Amber. My college roommate, Michelle and I took a trip to Panama City Beach, FL, and we instantly clicked with a friend of a friend who joined us (that was Amber). The three of us were inseparable (still are) and through hanging out with Amber, I met Aaron.

The first thing Aaron and I ever did together (which I do not consider our first date) was go to a Bible study held in a coffee house nearby the college we were both attending--Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). I will never forget when he placed his hand on my hand, as I got a little choked up by the preaching. Aaron also bought me a coffee and on the way home, he picked a flower for me!

A few more months passed and I saw Aaron plenty of times around Richmond, VA, either on the bus or at one of the parties Michelle and I had. He called me every now and then to see how I was doing and sometimes asked to hang out.

Aaron called one afternoon when my older brother, Ryan, was in town. Ryan and I were packing to leave for VA beach for the weekend and literally, as we were walking out the door, Aaron called and invited himself along for the ride! My brother said he was sick of everyone thinking we were dating and that it'd be nice to have another male around. As fate would have it, I practically made a u-turn before we hopped on the interstate and picked Aaron up!

Aaron was wonderful the entire trip!! He was inquisitive and was a very attentive. He seized every opportunity to impress my brother and me. When we went out to eat, he complimented and flirted with me. When we went to the beach, he'd surf the waves with Ryan, but then come back and lay in the sun and chat with me.

He made such an impression.

Gosh!! I go on for days... I'm going to take a little rest and I'll continue this story later, because as you know, there's more to share. Are you intrigued yet? Sure hope so.

Stay optimistic!





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