Sunday, October 25, 2009

What are Engagement Photos?

Engagement pictures are an exploding trend these days.

I've seen just as many engagement pictures as I have wedding ones! Here's why we are jumping on the bandwagon:

1. To use them as a part of the wedding decor
2. To get a taste of what it will be like as center of the camera's attention
3. To capture this time as a newly engaged couple

Plus, it will be fun!!!

I want our engagement photos to be unique! I'm not thinking Sears still shots, I'm going impromptu. Here are some ways we plan to jazz up our session:

1. Incorporate the outdoors or go someplace fun
2. Use props like balloons or food
3. Have a versitile wardrobe

We're going to save on money by asking a good friend, relative or photography student (at the nearby community college) to take the pictures.

Here are a few good reads I found on the new trend:

Wedding Channel – What should I wear for an engagement shoot? Photography & Video Etiquette

How To Take Unique And Creative Engagement Photos -- Ideas, Tips and Examples

For a good laugh:

Love is funny: Awesomely bad engagement photos

I hope ours turn out half as good as the ones you see here:

(Photo credit: The Nichols via

(Photo credit: Kelty of Steep Street via Pretty

(Photo credit: Stacey Reeves via

(Photo credit: Kristin Vining via Stylemepretty)



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