Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Dream Come True

I Heart Modern Vintage

It's day two of blogging and one of my favorite wedding websites Southern Weddings @ led me to a wedding that 1. I absolutely adore for its elegance and 2. introduced me to my new-found hero -- author of Modern Vintage Events.

Here's the deal: I love this gal,
Wanwisa K Posner, not only because she successfully started the amazing blog Modern Vintage (hello! that's what I want to do), but also because her wedding is absolutely gorgeous! I mean, really gorgeous! I am honestly, well, jealous! I feel like stealing a bunch of her ideas. No, seriously!

I love her colors. I love...

*Note: the main reason why I'm doing this blog is because I look at wedding blogs and websites everyday, but I have no real record keeping system for storing stuff I want to emulate at my wedding. Therefore, to further clarify the purpose of this blog, I will be posting links and pictures here so that my fiance and I can look back on them when we are discussing and envisioning our big day...

Like I was saying, I love her colors, because I love neutrals. It's not that I don't like bright colors, but I really love classic colors like champagnes, beiges, creams, browns, and light pinks. I love the bride's sophisticated style and it shines right through her wedding!!

I love the white roses and love the chalkboard prop for photos! Can you say sophisticated? Gasp!! It's just so beautiful! As if I didn't love enough about this wedding already, my true love is the fabulous focus on food!

Photos by David Willems

This delicious-looking dessert is exactly what my fiance and I had in mind... Mmm, right up our alley!

My fiance and I are big food people (lol). Actually we've gotten a little "big," being such self-professed "food people!" We love trying new restaurants and styles of food. We really want to wow our guests with great food.

Basically, we feel that if everything else fails that day, the food just better be good!

One food item we plan to serve at our wedding comes from one of our fave little restaurants over in Del Ray, Alexandria, VA, called Del Merei Grille. They serve a desert that is well, divine!

Dun, dun, dun, na, presenting... the Grilled Glazed Doughnut. The Doughnut from Del Merei combines Aaron and I's two favorite things - vanilla ice cream and a doughnut! Did I mention the pecan and apple caramel sauce?

{I'll be sure to post a picture of this thing very soon.}

Anyway, back to Modern Vintage! *Sigh* Oh, if I could only be as successful!

How about this genius idea - NAME THE TABLES AFTER STREETS (important to the nearlyweds):

My fiance and I did not grow up in the same city, but we've both lived in Virginia our entire lives (we can't wait to get outta here)! I am going to see what Aaron thinks of naming our tables after streets where places important to us are located!

Here'd be a few of my important streets:

Waterside Drive & East City Hall Avenue
East Marshall Street & 2nd Street
South 12th Street & Highland
Franklin Street & North Adams

Oh my, I really LOVE this idea!! I think Aaron is going to like it too. It's ideas like this that make all the wedding website scours worth it!

And of course, it should come as no suprise that Stylemepretty posted this wedding way back before I had weddings on the brain. Check it out right here !!


Please take a look at her marvelous blog:

Stay Optimistic...





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