Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rocker Slash Religious Wedding

A Lucky Find, One-of-a Kind, Evangelistic Wedding!!

Would you believe that I stumbled across this amazing wedding by accident? I just happened to find it during a search for religious ceremony ideas!

This young couple set aside a special time during thier wedding to witness and give God a chance to reach out and touch thier audience! Read the bride's comments below on the positive feedback this unique element brought about! I'm totally inspired AND I plan to hit this bride's shop on Etsy - Promise Tangeman - very, very soon!!

(Photo credit: DALEY HAKE via

Call me old fashioned, but I want a shot in front of the church like this!

Look at her locks!! I love the side ponytail and birdcage veil!

Read what this bride wrote about the best part of their day:
"Okay and the BEST part of that day was the stories that we heard from what happened during that worship and communion time. There were people that took communion for the first time, there were people explaining to others what it really meant to take communion and to have a relationship with christ, and there were marriages being healed."
"We also heard a story about one of our quests whose battling aggressive cancer. During this time of worship a small group of close friends took the inititiative to lay hands on our friend and pray for her healing. It was a powerful time. I honestly didn’t know how people were going to respond but Brian looked at me and told me that he really felt that God wanted us to do this. haha."
"Uhh… there was no questioning it at that point. I loved how our wedding was not just about us getting married.. it was ultimately an expression of God’s deep love for His people and we were able to leave space for Him to do his restoring work in the lives of some of the people (and marriages) we love the most." ---------> Read for yourself here at A SNAP SHOT OF OUR WEDDING DAY & photo slideshow)

Tell me you are not impressed!!!



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