Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Signature Drinks

It's officially summer and the hot weather has me thinking about what we're going to have to keep our guests cool. Let's try on these aweomse bevies to keep our guests hydrated!

I love these containers. What are they called? Where do we get them?

Regular and Raspberry Mojitos!


Root beer floats. One of Aaron's favs!

Ice teas!

What types of drinks are you going to (or did you) have?


Dancy said...

Not sure where you can get those exact beverage containers, but check out Kristin's blog (

She had something similar for her reception. She got them at BB&B

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh how fun! Those all look great! If our venue will allow us, I plant have two drink dispensers filled with tea and pink lemonade for the guests during the ceremony.

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

You can find the glass ones at Target for like $19.99 but Walmart had some hard plastic colored ones lie aqua, green, orange and pink I think for like $7 or $10. They're awesome for outdoor ceremonies or even indoor ones. They're called drink dispensers.

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding said...

Those drinks look so refreshing...I am sure you guest gonna love something like that.



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