Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I'm Inspired By This

Inspiration Board Inspiration!

This inspiration board is really, really close to the feel I'm looking for at my wedding. Every element you see below is somehow tied into what I invision for our big day.

I want invitations, bridesmaid dresses, and a veil like this!

The Betsy White Stationary is simple, elegant and has a hint of green (my favorite color). I love the use of the monogram. It's a cohesive element that we can use to carry throughout the wedding from invitation to favor.  I love, love, love this bridesmaid dress. It's a really good depiction of the type of dress I would love for my girls to wear. It's a JMendal , it's short, and it's got a bit of ruffle, all things I love.

Even though a part of me really wants to rock one of the hip birdcage veils everyone loves, I'm probably going to end up wearing the more traditional veil, like the one you see by Elizabeth Messina. Mine even has the same lace around the edge!

I heart flowers, hanging lanterns, vintage pieces, and straw hats...

Who can resist the charm of flower balls (photo by Megan Sorel via Style Me Pretty) and hanging lanterns? There's something really whimsical about hanging decorations and these pieces are timeless. I love the vintage tablescape of classic novels and a bouquet of daisies (via 100 layer cake). It's so garden-esqe!  

I love love love these hats...

Another reason I love this board is for the straw hats (photo by Josh Goleman)! How weird is it that Aaron just bought a hat like this last weekend? He's wanted one since last summer and finally got the nerve to wear one this year.

I love, love, love Aaron in this hat. It fits his personality so well, it's laid back, yet sophisticated. We've been talking about getting a hat like this for each of his groomsmen. How cool would those photos be?

I've always had a thing for clothes line escort cards...

I'm a Southern girl and I like all things practical! I still have no idea what we'll do to display our escort cards, but I hope it's as clever and practical, and of course, pretty as these.

So there you have it. All the reasons why I love this particular inspiration board.

Are you starting to see the vision of our day that I see? I hope so.

Go to Flights of Fancy here to see photo credits.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Nice neutral color palette :)


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