Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yes, Another Post About Invitations

I've been obsessed with wedding invitations lately.

I know, I know. What else is new?

It's crazy. I feel like a germaine shepherd looking for a missing child. Seriously, that's how I feel. Whenever I see invitations, my ears perk up, my sense of smell improves, and my eyes pop out a little. I feel like I need to find them. Like I should have found them yesterday.

I know it's going to take me aaawwwhhiillleee to decide on our invites. It takes me aaawwwhhhiiilllleee to decide on pretty much everything, so the invitations (being one of the most important elements of our wedding) is hardly an exception. I worry that if I don't find them, when the time comes when we have to order something, I'm going to be a ball of tears crying, "but, but I don't know what I want!"

Like many of you,  my search began on the internet. I searched thousands of stationary web sites -- thousands, I tell ya! Who knew stationary was such a booming buisness?

I even ordered samples! I've ordered about a dozen and each time hoped they would be the one. Too bad, I only really like one (of the six) samples I ordered from Wedding Paper Divas (seebelow). It's termography printing. Swwwooon!

My other inspirations are solely from online. I haven't seen these in person, but I still think they deserve a spot among my favorites. Remember the invitations I swore were perfect a few weeks back? Those pretty green and peach ones I absolutely adore! Here's a picture to jog your memory:

Well, I think I can add the Whimsical Scroll Wedding Invitations from Blush Paperie to my invitation inspiration file too. They almost have the ones above beat. I love the swirls. I'm really into swirls right now!

Purple is definitely not my color, but the good news is that fonts and colors are customizable!


Look at these same invitations in our colors:

Gorgeous, no?

Big difference, huh?

Way big difference. I love this design in the green and pink. It's festive, feminine, and do you see those butterflies?!? Where did they come from? They weren't on the original design, but I love them! These were obviously made for me!

They are subtle and go really well with our garden theme...

Could these be the ones for us? More to come on this later.

Are you constantly inspired by invitations (or is it just me)?

How did you decide on your invitations?


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

I made them myself to resemble a tiffany box, sort of.

Frugalista said...

It was hard! I wanted them to be our colors AND the right price. I went with a design from Invitations By Dawn and they were PERFECT!!!

jacin said...

great blog! i love the invites you picked out. i was SO obsessed with invites that it was starting to take over my life, haha. i'm sure you can imagine :). then i got to the point where i was getting SO detail oriented that i couldn't stand it anymore so i finally just gave in with a standard invite format. i left the creativity to my save the dates ( enjoy planning!!

D. Marie said...

WOw I really love those garden ones with the green and pink. Plus I love butterflies! That first one that you do have a sample from just looks to plain from what you really want from the others you posted. We actually bought a kit from Michaels that was on sale and 6 months later we didnt like them any more! So we bought another fancier kit that really went well with our wedding.

So it is hard and you change your mind many times as a bride and groom. We even changed our minds on our centerpieces. When it comes down to the wire you will find what your looking for. Good luck. :)

Mireya said...

We made them ourselves to save on cost. Definitely tested our relationship regarding patience and communication, lol!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Those are all great choices! We won a giveaway through magnetstreet weddings so we were lucky getting the opportunity to choose what we wanted. Best of luck with your search.

collection said...

Wedding invitation design appealing, interesting collection of invitations, whether you have another invitation design? I want to see it, for my sister's wedding next month.


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