Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Engagement Party: The Details

It's official, I love photography!

Our friend Vanessa sent us a few pictures of the engagement party this morning and I'm extremely pleased with her work! Vanessa and I went to high school together and we have the same circle of friends. She got her college degree in photography and lives in New York now, but she made a special trip to Virginia to take pictures at our party.

I'm so thrilled that she captured all of the details of our day, because as many of you know, a bride loves her details! There's absolutely no way that Aaron or I could have taken such amazing photos. Everyone was busy visiting with each other and as you can see from my previous post, we didn't get many pictures. We put a lot of thought and effort into the planning and set up of the party, and having these shots makes it all worth it.

Almost all of our details were DIY or the work of family and friends. My coworker's mom made the cake and it was delicious (I mean it was de.lic.ious!). If you live in Virginia and are looking for a fabulous and affordable aspiring baker, contact me so I can give you her info! I created the welcome sign and put together the collage of engagement photos. My grandmother helped me decorate the frame with flowers and my mom was the genius behind our game "check mate!"

A very special thanks to Vanessa! Please use us as a reference in the future, because we will highly recommend you! We know you cut us a huge deal and we're extremely thankful. I see a bright future in photography ahead for you! You did an amazing job! Whoever said professional photography is the only way to go, didn't have the talented friends we do!






Did you have a professional photographer for your wedding and wedding-related events?

Have you ever asked a friend to take pictures and been extremely happy with the result?


Frugalista said...

It's great to know people in the industry that can cut you some good deals. The pics are great. If that was your engagement party I can't wait to see the wedding! We didn't have an engagement party and we didn't do engagement photos so we get one shot on our wedding day to capture everything! I really like our photographer so I am hopeful they will turn out great.

OliveWedding-MoH said...

I LOVE the pics! Vanessa did a great job!! I can't believe she took one of the eggs too, so cute! All of them are great! I can't wait to see the rest of them. XOXOXO

Lady Grey said...

Wow, looks fabulous... that cake is so cute!

Faith said...

what a great party! your friend did a great job! i love that cake! you have such talented friends!

MERgetsMRSed said...

Love that green dress ... I almost bought it!

D. Marie said...

AWW!! You look so great together. I love your dress. The cake and the photos are beautiful. Its so great having friends help out. Our photographer for our wedding are family friends. They are a wife and husband team who did a beautiful job. The wife came to the bridal shower and was so nice to even take photos! :) I love the photo collage you put together...congrats!! Looks like it was a wonderful party!

Sara said...

It looks like a wonderful party!! We are having a professional photographer for our wedding and rehearsal dinner. And we have a wonderful friend Meredith who has taken stunning engagement pics of us for her portfolio. My cousin and my sister never have a camera out of hand...We're lucky to have so many photogs around us because pictures are key to me for memory making.


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