Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Invitation Inspiration File Keeps Growing

A few days ago, I shared that Mr. B and I wanted to make our invitations and provided some examples of invitations we found inspiring when we were planning a fall wedding. Obviously, choosing to get married in a different season changes a thing or two, including the design and colors of a the invitations, so that's why I have twice as much inspiration as the next bride :)

That and I also have this theory that kind of like falling in love with her wedding gown, a bride has to have a connection to her invitations. A few people I know (some that aren't even engaged yet) know exactly what kind of invitations they want, but something like that would never happen to me. I mull over decisions. I'm very indecisive. I fall in love with something, quickly fall out of love, and in love with something else. Nevertheless, I think I'll connect with the invitations that are for me. Is that crazy? To think paper will speak to me? Haha! Probably.

My indecisivenss is pretty tiring for Mr. B, because he never waivers when it comes to figuring out what he wants. He just knows it when he sees it, but it's not that simple for me. Another reason why I have so much inspiration :)

So although it may not seem like it with jumping from fall to spring motifs and DIY to designer, I am getting closer each day to finding and crafting our perfect invitation. For instance, I know that I want romantic. I want our invitations to be timeless and have some fancy script.

I also like soft colors and I wouldn't mind a picture of flowers as a part of the design, or even a butterfly. All of which would be fitting for our "garden theme." Of course, the color green has to be in there somewhere and I want a package deal too. I don't want my guests sorting through unorganized pieces. I want an open and close dohickey, where they recieve a pocket with all of the various peices organized nice and neat.

Here's the invitation I liked way before I got engaged. I'm not crazy about it now. It's just too modern. I like the flowers and we will most definitely have daisies at our wedding, but the connection just isn't there anymore.

I do love the green. One of the great starting points for me has been the color. That is the one thing I do know for sure - that we're definitely using the color green, and maybe some yellow, or pink. When I'm searching through big websites like Wedding Paper Divas, I always sort by color. Here are a few from there I really liked:

So, I definitely like swirals and flowers, but again, none of these are the one! I know what you're thinking! How much inspiration do you need? A bit more. Please! Amuse me!

So none of the above will work, even though finding them and ordering them would be easy and quick. Of course, I want something more. Something more unique. Who would of thought I'd care so much? But being engaged MAKES you this way. It's got to be some kind of chemical imbalance in the brain when a wedding is lurking. It makes you really think, so much so that you end up spending hours debating paper weights and fonts.

A few other invitation favorites?

How about these beauties from Blush Paperie:

I've learned if it's got fancy type, and the words whimsical or florish in the name, it's probably up my alley. Like these lovelies from concrete and honey, which are yet another favorite for the invitation inspiration file. When I found them, I quickly sniffed out the source, which was by no surprise Style Me Pretty and I started saving all the pictures I could find.

Like I said, I'm getting closer.

:: sigh ::

Stationary by Laura Hooper, Photo credit to Steve Steinhardt, Designer is Beth Helmstetter

Do you have a lot of invitation inspiration?

Did you know your invitations when you saw them?  


Truly Engaging said...

Yes, you'll know the right invites when you see them! Looking forward to seeing what you finally choose! :)

sefditz said...

I am the same way. I like something, but a month later it is totally changed. Drives the mister crazy! I am the crazy DIY bride...and I did buy invitations that you print at home, so now I just have to add to them to make them the ones!


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