Monday, April 19, 2010

New South Wales Wedding

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I love looking at real weddings because you can see the ideas you have for your wedding in action. You're able to travel outside of your mind's eye and see your ideas in motion at an actual wedding. It's really helpful and one reason Olive Weddings! This New South Wales Wedding was one I was happy to stumble across for that very reason--it has so much of what I imagine at my wedding (like grey suits).

I've fallen in love with grey suits...

I like grey because it's not as informal as tan and not as formal as a black tux. In my opinion, these fellas look truly stylish in thier light grey ties (the groom is wearing a white tie) and pin strip pants. I'm not crazy about these bridesmaids dresses (I think I'd like them more if they were knee length), but I am crazy about the hair bands. I'm a stickler for unique accesories and today's wedding party is begging for something to stand out from the rest. The colors this bride chose are soft and lovely, and needless to say, the bouquets are big and beautiful.

A few other things I love...

Check out that old-timey car! We actually saw one yesterday at a Bridal Showcase we attended in Fairfax and literally, fell in love! I have no doubt our getaway car is going to be a step above the rest and something close to this timeless beauty!

Circlular, Square, or Rectangular Tables....

I have no idea if it will work at our venue (Oxon Hill Manor), but I want long, rectangular tables! For awhile, I wasn't too crazy about them, but they've grown on me. I really just like how it pulls the whole room together to one main focal point. It also reminds me of a big family dinner, which in essence is what our reception is all about.

Do you love rectangular tables? Grey suits? Hair pieces and old cars?

:: Renee Dow and Jonathon Howie :: 


dognbird said...

I love grey suits too - lovely here paired with pink! You have a great eye!

Lauren said...

I think old cars are very cool and if we weren't having it at a golf club (with free use of golf carts) we would have an old car for the get away.


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