Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looming Projects and Decisions

One of the awesome things about being a bride blogger is connecting with other brides. I've seen more wedding inspiration than I knew existed. There's a lot out there! And it's not just brides coming up with exciting ideas either, the wedding industry has jumped onboard too, with places like The Knot and Brides magazine joining the ranks and providing innovative ways to personalize a girl's big day.

One of the not-so awesome things about this wave of inspiration: overkill. Some girls might not have a problem with this, because maybe they know what they want, or know when to stop looking, but for a big time procrastinatior and personwholikestoobsess-or, like myself, all of the inspiration can be overwhelming.

Let me re-phrase: all of the inspiation can be parallelizing.

Over the last year or so that I've know about wedding blogs and read them, I've accumulated quite the list of projects I want to do. Little and big stuff. Everything from sewing the ring bearer pillow to creating bathroom baskets. Not to mention, the save the dates, invitations, programs, blah, blah, blah, the list goes on. It's madness, really. And instead of checking things off the list, I'm adding to it.

Do you do this too?

I might be able to deal with the overwhelming amount of inspiration and long list of projects I want to do, if there wasn't an equally long list of things I have to do. Namely, choose a wedding gown, find a DJ, hire a florist... Need I say more?

Am I the only one behind on this stuff?

Mama brooch told me when I get overwhelmed with my To do List, I need to make a "Did It" list. Yes, just to make myself feel better (aren't moms great?). No seriously, it helps. It puts things in persepective,for me, at least.

Even though a lot of the little stuff aforementioned stuff hasn't been done, some really big stuff has been.

We picked the date

Found our venue

Chose a caterer &

Hired a planner. More on the latter two later. That's big! Right? We've also been feverishly stacking our dough so that when it comes time to do all the litte stuff, we've got the money to pay for it to happen.

I'm such a to do List freak though. A "Did It" list hardly satisfies my craving to do something... With that being said, I'm going to try my darnest to get some wedding-related tasks done and report back with even just a few less looming projects and decisions.

Are there any other brides that feel overwhelmed by their to do list?

Any advice on how to get some of this stuff done?


Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

I am almost a month out and still have such a to-do list - I feel you honey! But seriously, some of those things that feel like huge, looming decisions/projects really do not take that much time once you just get down to it and do it. Sometimes I think lists over-psych us out! It will all come together and be an amazing day no matter what. :)

Can I add something to your list just for today though? Come and enter my giveaway for a $150 williams sonoma gift card! :)

Dancy said...

I had to chuck a bunch of DIY projects that I wanted to do. There just wasn't enough time for me to get it all done. But if I was better at crafts/DIY I prolly wouldn't have left it till the last minute anyway.

As for the other "little" things -- m'dear, that's why you hired the planner. Very smart move on your part. I wish I had been smart. :)


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