Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Takes on Tradition

We really want our wedding to be a unique and fun experience for our guests, and some of the age-old traditions, like the garter and bouquet toss don't really excite Mr. B and me. We want to do something a little different during our reception, like Mrs. Hot Wings' deal or no deal game.

We are still very much in the discussion stage of this and haven't ruled out (or made any final decisions) on our ideas, but we have tossed around quite a few ideas, which I would love to run past you gals for your opinion!

The Anniversary Dance:

First, I have to admit, this idea wasn't mine. I heard about it from my genius co-bride (my coworkers whose also engaged). We have very different styles, but every now and then one of us comes up with an idea the other has got to snag. (Confession: She does most of the brainstorming, I do most of the snagging!)

The Anniversary Dance is when all the married couples join the new bride and groom in a dance, and the MC eliminates couples based on the length of time they've been married. Eventually the couple married the longest is left dancing alongside the new couple and the reward (besides our total admiration) is the bride's bouquet! You can read more about this idea here at the Knot.

The Newlywed Game:

We're also thinking about trying The Newlywed Game. We did something similiar at our engagement party where guests asked us questions about each other. In this verison, the MC will ask us certain questions and we will raise a flag (pink for the bride and blue for the groom) to answer. I got the idea from here from Thao and Robert's blog.

It really looks like a lot of fun and I think our guests will be entertained!

Check out other new takes on tradition here on Weddingbee.

Are you keeping with the bouquet and garter toss tradition?

If not please share your wedding day games and/or activities.


Frugalista said...

I think the Anniversary dance is a really cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Here in Japan, it's common to have games for the guests. At my friend's wedding, the MC asked the guests "True / False" questions about the couple, eg "the bride was initially turned on by the grooms hairy arms" or "the groom hates tomatoes", etc. Guests could hold up true/false cards, with wrong answers eliminated, until there was just one very lucky winner. Bingo is also really popular. The prizes tend to be things like iPods, handbags, whiskey, etc, depending on the couple's interests. Most couples also make a 'profile video', a slideshow set to music of their baby photos, funny college pix etc. Japanese wedding parties are really fun!


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