Monday, February 15, 2010

My Inspiration Boards

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words:

Style Me Pretty (SMP) has a pretty awesome feature that allows members to create inspiration boards, using the images of real weddings posted on SMP -- prrreeeetttty cool, right? Check out a few of the inspiration boards I've created on SMP, with the hope to translate my wedding fantasy into reality!

It took me almost a year to realize I could create an account on SMP, so this inspiration board business is a little new to me. I was content just checking out the real weddings on SMP everyday and it never occurred to me the website had this interactive feature! Needless to say, I'm thrilled and I've become a little inspiration-board obsessed lately! It's like every time I get a new idea, such as incorporating butterflies into our theme, I run off to make an inspiration board! Here's the board I made when I decided to add the color burgundy to our color palette:

Please note that it's really cool that SMP onlookers and lovers, like myself, have access to the images of SMP real weddings!! As if I'm not inspired enough by the weddings I seen on SMP, it goes a step further when I'm able to use pictures of those weddings to express my vision! Have you seen the real weddings featured on SMP? They are the coolest! The hottest! The most stylish!! They are the most sophisticated and unique... and I'm absolutely giddy flipping through the images of them all.

Not only do you have access to images of hundreds of stunning weddings, you also can upload your own favorite images and add them to the board. It's just a great way to pull together your thoughts into a collage. I definitely plan on using one (or more) of my inspiration boards when I go to meet with our wedding coordinator. Here's my latest board, which reflects this weeks obsession with the color champagne and big wedding gowns -- watch out for a new wed obsession next week!!

And although there's not much to it (yet), here is the link to my SMP blog: where you'll find a few other inspiration boards. Stop by and check them out, but please excuse the lack of text to the blog, the pictures alone wear me out!

Do these boards give you an idea of the wedding I have in mind?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You definitely seem to be lookgin toward romantic and a dark purple/burgundy. It would be great for fall! I played around with the inspiration board a little but be careful not to get TOO inspired and then overwhelmed with details and ideas. My best advice during planning was to step away from the wedding magazine/blog area and think about what would really be important to you.

Miss Columbia Heights said...

The CCL, you're absolutely right! I remember reading a warning in some wedding magazine early on that said it's easy to get overwhelemed with ideas. It'd be hard to give the blogs a rest, because I love them, but I do think narrowing our focus down to those things most important to us is important! Budget helps with that too. Thanks for all your comments, you don't know how much I appreciate it!!!


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